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We're a Louisville-based band playing contemporary and traditional bluegrass music.

Roz Carothers - Fiddle


Roz started playing the violin in third grade when she learned that she could miss English class twice a week if she played in the school orchestra. Music has provided her with an escape ever since. She studied the Suzuki method under Carol Hughes, and later under Virginia Schneider. At the University of Louisville School of Music she studied under Peter McHugh (violin) and Virginia Schneider (viola) and spent her summers at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival, the Meadowmount School of Music, and the Aspen Music Festival. She later attended law school to support her music habit.

Through a dubious relationship with one of Louisville's pre-eminent mandolin players, Roz was first exposed to bluegrass music. She has fiddled with Drowsy Maggie, Galloglass, Gilderoy Byrne, and the Bluegrass Messengers. Roz's violin is the same one she used during her season with the Louisville Orchestra, thus answering the age-old question, what's the difference between a violin and a fiddle. Answer: nothing, just the music you play on it!

Keith Chasteen - Vocals & Guitar


Keith is originally from Central Illinois and began playing guitar at age 14. Early on he was influenced by the “Beverly Hillbillies,” where Flatt and Scruggs, among other bluegrass performers, were regular guests. The music from the movie, “Deliverance,” added fuel to the pickin’ fire. Later, while attending Southern Illinois University, Keith joined bluegrass jams, attended festivals, and learned of  the album, “Old and in the Way.” 

After college, Keith headed to Kemmerer, Wyoming where he co-founded the monthly Kemmerer Coffeehouse performance series. He attended the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, where many instrument contests take place, and decided to host a Wyoming State Flatpick Guitar Contest. The contest was so popular it later became the Oyster Ridge Music Festival, growing more each year. While in Wyoming, he also performed in various bands, from the Celtic band “Balnain” to the acoustic/bluegrass-influenced “The Next Band.” 

Since moving to Kentucky in 2003, Keith has enjoyed the Louisville community, the music and arts scene, the good food, the good beer, and the great people. 

Keith Hardison - Mandolin


Keith’s love of music began as a child listening to his mother play the piano. He experimented with various instruments as a boy, taking piano lessons and playing clarinet in the elementary school orchestra. As a teenager he bought his first guitar. He later studied under one of Louisville’s premier jazz guitar instructors (the name is being withheld since no self-respecting jazz guitar instructor wants to learn that one on his students turned into a bluegrass mandolin player).


The demands of college and law school took their toll and he set aside his guitar to focus on his career. After retiring from law he was looking for something to occupy his time and a multi-instrumentalist musician friend handed him a mandolin and showed him a couple of chords. Soon he was playing songs with his friend’s band. Realizing that the music theory he learned in guitar classes quickly translated to the mandolin, he returned to Louisville, rented a mandolin, signed up for a “Beginning Mandolin” class, and was hooked. He later studied with the legendary Jim Smoak (Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, The Cumberlands). 

Prior to joining Millers Folly, he played with the Bluegrass Messengers. Keith plays a Gibson mandolin that his wife affectionately calls “Mandy,” the other woman in his life.

Roger Miller - Banjo & Vocals


Roger is a hometown Louisvillian and has long been a Bluegrass-lover. Early on he played guitar and was influenced by the sound and skill of the greatest players the genre will ever know: Doc Watson, Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Jimmy Martin, and many others. His favorite early picking memories include Friday night jams at church and attending Beanblossom (where we picked all night until we fell asleep under the stars in our lawn chairs!). 


As college, work, and family became a priority in those “middle” years, the guitar gathered dust, but the radio dial never moved far from that beloved Bluegrass sound. As the kids grew, so did his instrument collection: mandolin, stand-up bass, dobro, and Martin guitars.  Every holiday turned into a jam with family and friends, but something was missing…that unique banjo twang!


Most recently, Roger picked up the banjo and loves the 3-finger, Scruggs style of play. The Louisville area is blessed with terrific banjo talent and Roger studied under some of the best: Jim Smoak and Richard Matteson. Prior to Millers Folly, Roger played with the Bluegrass Messengers. He plays a Deering Deluxe that is currently wearing Bill Keith light gauge strings. His favorite finger picks come from Sammy Shelor and the absolutely awesome thumb pick is a Blue Chip.

Jenny Morse - Bass & Vocals


Jenny is the newest member of Millers Folly!  She enjoyed a childhood full of music thanks to "Sesame Street," piano lessons, and choral singing. She politely gnashed her teeth while attending Oberlin College, not the Oberlin Conservatory. Many years of singing and whistling later, Jenny barely found time in her busy "momming" schedule to take one ukulele class at the Louisville Folk School and got hooked on making music. She became an active part of the Louisville jam scene, discovering the music of Hazel Dickens, Gillian Welch, and Eilen Jewell along the way.  

Jenny then took a note from Hazel Dickens's book and learned to play bass so as to have more musical opportunities.  Millers Folly is her first band experience.  She is totally at peace with the lack of an apostrophe in the name. 

Deb Singery - Vocals


With a name like "Singery" you can guess what Deb does.  You'll hear her singing lead and filling in harmony vocals on nearly every song.  As an aspiring Dobro player, keep coming to Millers Folly appearances to catch Deb's first public instrumental break out!

Millers Folly is a proud member of Bluegrass Anonymous.